Opening Ceremony: a name that reflects all the enthusiasm characterizing this unconventional project. 

Founded in 2002 by best friends Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, Opening Ceremony has grown into a cult retailer and label since its beginning, in downtown New York.

The reason behind this eclectic project’s success lies in the fact that it is has always been more than a forward-looking concept store and more than a cool clothing line. Opening Ceremony is a source of inspiration, a hub of ideas where freshness is always the common denominator. 

Opening Ceremony’s aesthetic embodies the streetwear attitude and enhances it with a touch of “funky vintage” taste, bold concepts and innovative design: a whimsical expression of that enigmatic urban coolness we are all in love with.

Now that OC’s retail experience is over – new times, new challenges – the duo is ready to enchant us again with their unique creativity.

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