With more than 90 years of history and a strong commitment to craftsmanship, Furla is the Italian brand that needs no introduction: since the early 30’s its quality and its unique style have made it one of the most coveted labels in the leather goods industry.

With a range that covers everything from mini-clutches and wallets to maxi tote bags, Furla has never ceased to merge creativity with classic shapes, amazing us with its perfect balance between clean lines and eye-catching details.

Sometimes it’s not only about high-quality or good taste, though. It’s also a matter of “soul”. Furla bags all have that inexpressible beauty that make them really special and unique.

For this new season Furla classic pieces are getting a revamp in new textures and colors without loosing the secret appeal that turns a bag into a real companion: beautifully made accessories that will elevate even the most casual outfit.

In keeping with the label’s signature style, Furla men’s collection of briefcases, document holders, backpacks wallets and bags, combines aesthetic with functionality while conveying a urban and dynamic approach.

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The new Furla 1927 Handbag